Friday, December 31, 2010

A Cold Winter for My Ladies

Oh, I have read so many opinions for winter and chickens that I really question what I'm doing with my beautiful ladies.  This winter in Montana has been bitter.  We've hit another spell of single digits during the day and minus teens in the evenings.  I've elected to keep the two heat lamps on 100% of the time.  For one reason, my coop, while solid, does have gaps and I worry about the breeze that the ladies get.  I also feel like even though they are mostly protected, it's just so cold that your fingers freeze within seconds of being outside.  I am worried...the ladies are stilling laying somewhat regularly and I have absolutely no desire to play God and mess with the slow down that should happen in the winter.  However, I've also read about freezing deaths and that scares me.  I love the sweet henny pennies so much.  I absolutely cannot imagine finding one perished knowing that I could have prevented it by leaving the light on!  What are you thoughts?  Feel free to post below.  You can do so without registering with blogger just do so as anonymous.  I can't wait to read what you write.  Happy New Year to all my dear chicken friends!