Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taking Apart a Pallet

Nobody ever said, “Taking apart a pallet is easy.” But, I thought it would be. And, I was wrong.

Geeze! Taking apart pallets is tough. I followed all the directions for breaking apart a pallet that were part of my chicken coop plans, but even with a chisel, crow bar and flat ended shovel, I just couldn’t do it. (Okay, I didn’t have or know what a lump hammer or carpenters pinchers were, but I had the basics!)

It was so tough, I kinda gave up!

I went to the store to price out wood. Even bought some wood, but then returned it when it didn’t fit in my Honda. Shocking, I know…it’s a Honda – it can do just about everything. The guy who helped me carry it out said in disgust…you don’t have a truck? Got my money back for that lumber!

This is how to really get a pallet apart:

1. Get gloves! Gloves are not on the list of needed supplies, but get them.
2. Get out your saw with a fresh blade.
3. Cut off the tips of the boards so you don’t have to try to get the end nails out. All you’ll be left with is trying to get out the middle nails and with lots of wiggling, stomping, and maybe a few tears of frustration, you’ll be able to get the middle nails loose.
4. Oh, yes, a regular ole hammer comes in handy too. The boys and I couldn’t find ours, so we bought a new one and a hammer turns out to be a very useful tool!

I know that my pallet boards are a bit shorter because I’ve cut the ends off of them, but the plans that I have are flexible as far a size goes. The plans indicate that the coop can house 6-8 chickens, but I’m guessing that because my wood will not be as long, it will house 4-6 chickens. I have four chickens now – I should be able to buy two more. That will make my husband very happy! Ha!

So, today begins the beginning of the building. And, I know I'll need more pallet wood, but I'm tired of breaking apart pallets so I'll do as much building as I can. The weather is nice and cool so that will help my morale. We’ll have to run to Power Townsend to get a few things before the building begins and that will make the boys annoyed. They hate running errands, but it’s just one store and we need nails!

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