Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Spring!

I know that in the rest of the country it might be feeling more like summer, but it's still Spring in Montana - with a high temp today hopefully reaching 55.

For those of you who asked, the girls (all five) did make it through the long Montana winter.  All of them are doing quite well.  With the warmer weather, they've started to wander around on our fenced acre.  I love to watch them scratch up bugs or whatever it is they are after.  The dogs continue to let the chickens rule.  And, the neighbors continue to enjoy watching the chickens hang out with our two big black dogs. 

The ladies are laying around the yard now.  Once I find their spots, I'm good, but some days it feels like an Easter egg hunt. 

Exciting news - Chickens Magazine from Hobby Farms published a story about building your own coop and they included my coop project. It was really fun to see my project and pictures "up in lights."  It was a bit of a bummer that my picture is in there, but that the caption says I'm the other gal who was interviewed - hopefully she's not too upset about being me! 

Thanks to all of you who follow me and the gals - and I promise to do much better with my posts. 

Best to you and your families, Heidi & Her Happy Hens :)


  1. Hi, there was a link on mypetchicken.com to your blog.. I see you don't post much, but I'm going to keep checking back.. I'm thinking about getting the same coop plans that you got and it was nice to see that it is doable! I too will most likely be doing this on my own with help from my kids :) This will be our first venture into owning chickens! I'm excited and a little scared!

  2. Hello Heidi... You haven't posted for a while and I can understand that. I started a gardening blog but haven't posted for a few months. I live in the Denver area and, as you know, nothin' much happens in the garden in winter.

    I live in very restrictive HOA suburbia and had lost hope on having chickens. Well. I found out I can have 4 ladies. My husband thought it was prohibited but, HA!

    I enjoy your stories about your chickens. Maybe I'll have some of my own. Currently my blog is http://patscolorado.blogspot.com/2012_09_01_archive.html but I'm having trouble posting pictures to it. I may have to move.

    Hope you still have your chickens. Would love to read about your adventures with them.